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タイトル: Effects of Nonsynchronism on Multirate Sampled-Data Systems: L_p Worst-Case Performance,Robutness and Computation
著者: Ito, Hiroshi
Department of Control Engineering and Science, Kyushu Institute of Technology
九州工業大学情報工学部 制御システム工学科
伊藤, 博
キーワード: nonsynchronism
multirate sampled-data control
decentralized control
発行日: 2000年5月8日
出版者: 九州工業大学
抄録: This paper focuses on multi-rate sample-data control with nonsynchronous decentralized controllers whose sampler-and-hold elements in di erent stations update their state independently of each other. Phases of discrete-time events in decentralized control stations are di erent because of digital control with multiple processors although each controller in a station is a synchronous single-rate sampled-data controller. The paper analyzes the e ect of the nonsynchronous phase distribution on Lp worst-case performance and stability. New representations of the nonsynchronous sample-data system are presented for analyzing and computing performance degradation caused by the nonsynchronism. The method of analysis is further modi ed to propose an approach to design of Lp-induced norm suboptimal nonsynchronous multi-rate controllers. Some results on stability and performance robustness for the nonsynchronous closed-loop systems are developed. Furthermore, it is shown that the worst-case performance measure is a continuous function of the phase shift provided that anti-aliasing lters are located appropriately. Slight perturbation of the phase only results in a slight degradation or improvement of the closed-loop performance. The analysis of the continuity property enables us to estimate how robust the performance is against the phase perturbation.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10228/930


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